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Nurmi Hydro Oy’s product range includes tipping cylinders, superstructures for timber trucks and dump trucks, Nurmi-drives and industrial telescopic cylinders. In addition to Finland, we are also active in the markets of Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Germany, Russia and Great Britain.


Nurmi Hydro manufactures superstructures and hydraulic cylinders for utility vehicles. We know what is required from vehicle fittings, so you can rely on Nurmi Hydro’s quality even in most extreme conditions.

Nurmi Hydro’s main products include tipping cylinders, superstructures for utility vehicles, timber bunks, subframes and Nurmi-drives. If required, we can also supply your company with timber trucks and dump trucks completely fitted and ready to use. We also supply components for our clients’ own products.

Nurmi Hydro Oy

Nurmi Hydro Oy acquired Nurmi Cylinders Oy’s truck business in August 2016. The main products are tipping cylinders, truck superstructures, Nurmi-drives and timber bunks. Nurmi Hydro Oy will carry on Nurmi’s experience of decades in the field of tipping cylinders and trucks’ superstructures.

In order to stay in the lead, we are constantly focusing on developing our products and production methods. Our goal is to manufacture the best possible cylinders and superstructures for our clients, to be used in extreme conditions. Our main export markets are in Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium and England.

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