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Nurmi Hydro Oy provides the best tipping cylinders for trucks, designed for use in extreme conditions. All tipping cylinders are manufactured in Finland.

All the truck tipping cylinders we manufacture have chrome-plated pipes, with updated polyurethane seals. With added control surface, the tipping cylinder is even sturdier.

In Nurmi’s range of tipping cylinders you will find a suitable product for any purpose.

Front-end tipping cylinders, NE-series

This series of front-end tipping cylinders includes four different sizes. The Nurmi front-end tipping cylinders are suitable for use with platforms up to 7.5 m in length. The cylinder has a ball joint bearing at the lower end, which enables to position the cylinder also sideways. This tipping cylinder has been designed on sites where the truck frame provides stability.

Includes: hoist beam, hoist arch and brackets with bolts

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  • Sturdy front-end tipping cylinder, NE VK series

    A novelty product with the same sizes available as the NE series. The lower end of the cylinder is positioned sideways with a rigid piston. This tipping cylinder is designed for semitrailers and objects where lateral support is also required.

    Includes: bearing beams, hoist arch and brackets with bolts

    Double tipping cylinder, NP series

    The structure of NP double tipping cylinder is open, lighter, and particularly suitable for trucks where the cardan shaft is located on the side and high up. Both cylinders of NP tipping cylinders are sturdily mounted on their own bearing beams. The platform’s angle bearing plate joins the cylinders into a double tipping cylinder. Since assembled from the top section, it is easier to open the cylinders later. We also manufacture double tipping cylinders for 5-axle trucks or other trucks that need some extra stroke, with pipes of 100 mm or 180 mm. At its maximum, the NPS7XL tipping cylinder can have a stroke of 4275 mm. A thin tipping cylinder designed particularly for rear-wheel drive trucks with narrow frames.

    Includes: parallel cylinders, bearing angle plate

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  • Central tipping cylinder, N2 series

    In addition to backwards tipping, the traditional central tipping cylinder is also suitable for three-way-tipping applications. The sleeve section is die-cast, enabling to achieve a sturdy form while also allowing for channels for oil input. Die-cast parts are also used in the bearings of the tipping cylinder and its frame. The pipes have nitrated controls, and they are chrome-plated.

    Includes: casing brackets, frames and ball cup attached on the platform

  • Central tipping cylinder table
  • Sample tipping cylinder solutions

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