Truck tipping cylinders

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Truck fittings

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Nurmi can supply your company with dump trucks and timber trucks ready for inspection, or inspected and ready to be used.

Our subframes are very sturdy; we use hollow profiles. Tipping stability is achieved with a sturdy subframe, which can be equipped with two cross fittings at the rear, if necessary.

All fittings are always completed according to the client’s terms and requirements. In dump trucks we use our own Finnish-made Nurmi tipping cylinders.


We supply customised subframe solutions for the majority of timber and dump trucks, ready to install.

Ready-to-install subframe packages for dump trucks, including the subframe with the mounting parts, the tipping cylinder, and the hydraulics, if required. Ready-to-install subframe packages for timber trucks, including subframe, head rack, hoists and bunks. If required, the subframes can be painted in a base or a topcoat.

Sample truck fittings

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